Write a Short Note on Chlamydomonas

Short Note on Chlamydomonas


  1. i) It is single celled fresh water alga.


  1. ii) It is commonly found in ponds and drains.


iii) It can be clearly seen under microscope.


  1. iv) It is spherical oval or pear shaped.


  1. v) The cell is enclosed in a cell wall the maintain its shape.


  1. vi) It moves in water with the help of flagella.


vii) Chloroplasts are present for photosynthesis.


viii) Pyrenoid is present to store carbohydrates in the form of starch.


  1. ix) Eye spot helps it to determine its position and direction according to change in the intensity of light.


  1. x) Contractile vacuole expel excess water and wastes out from the cell.


  1. xi) It reproduces both sexually and asexually.


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