Write a Short Note on Balanced Diet

Short Note on Balanced Diet


A balanced died contain all essential components of food in correct proportion. It helps to maintain good health. It fulfills the requirement of an organism. A diet is suitable when it provides 50% calories from carbohydrates, 40% calories from fats and 10% from proteins. Carbohydrates are taken as food in abundance because they are readily available and cheaper.


Note: Children who have just finished the ninth grade of high school are left with a difficult choice. Go on to the third stage of school education or continue studying in a school or technical school. To begin with, it is worthwhile to plunge into the economic situation for a better understanding of all the positive and negative aspects of college choice. She unified the rules of admission to institutes and universities. Many graduates note the high complexity of the entrance through the USE system. So why are more and more students moving after the ninth grade to colleges? In a shorter period (on average 4 years) the student receives a specific specialty. While in schools they finish their education, go to universities, smoke over textbooks, the graduate is already earning money.

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