Write Short Note on Anaemia

Short Note on Anaemia


  1. i) This is disease and can be defined as the deficiency of red blood cells in the body.


  1. ii) Its symptoms are yellowing of palate, weakness, dizziness, appearance of dark circles around the eyes, thinning of blood, loss of appetite etc.


iii) It is caused due to deficiency of iron in blood which stops the production of RBC.


  1. iv) It is also caused due to deficiency of some important nutrients like Vitamin B12 and folic acid.



Note: Standardization and a unified approach to all students harm education. To do this, you need to design courses differently, do not require teachers to standardize and adhere to unified approaches. In the training, the project approach should be used to a greater extent, and less – disciplinary. Paradoxically, the more time is spent on implementing the mastery of the curriculum by schoolchildren in the country, the worse their learning outcomes. Most of the time in schools, children spend in the United Arab Emirates, but the results are higher in European countries, where the study time is less, and the productivity of its use is higher. Mechanical learning has to go away from the learning process, because modern school knowledge assessment systems – such as the USE and GIA – are not related to either integral learning or the development of creative thinking.

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