Write a Note on Internal Structure of Leaf

Note on Internal Structure of Leaf


  1. A) Anatomy:


Epidermis is present in upper and lower structure of leaf. Upper parts are the cells that have no inter cellular space. Lower parts contain stomata. Stomata are the combination of two guard cells. Their

function is absorption of useful materials and excretion of water materials.


Mesophyll tissues are of two types:


  1. i) Palisde mesophyll is such longer line vertically and in the form of double layer compactly arranged having no intercellular spaces.


  1. ii) Spongy mesophyll is not compactly arranged but intercellular spaces are present.


Vascular bundles are consists of xylem and phloem tissues.


  1. i) Xylem is present in star shape and its function is transportation of water.


  1. ii) Phloem is present in bundles and its function is the transportation of food in different parts of plant.


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