Write a Letter to your Mother who is Worried about your Health

Letter to your Mother who is Worried about your Health

Examination Hall,

City A. B. C.

January 3, 2017

Dear Mother,


Many thanks for your loving letter which I received yesterday. Last Sunday, I, with some of my friends, made a trip to Jallo Park. For this purpose, we also decided to take some eatables with us. So I bought water melons as everyone likes to eat these in this season.

All of us ate it with relish. We could not notice that those water melons were rotten. Anyhow, before arriving at hostel, I began to vomit, feeling a bit pain in my stomach. The pain was so severe that it was quite unbearable. At first, I took it light but later on, my condition grew worse. My hostel Superintendent called a doctor who said that it was a case of Cholera. He also suggested a few doses of medicine. The doctor said, l would be hale and hearty within a week or so. Don’t worry about me now. You need not come over here.


Please pay my regards to all at home.


Yours affectionately,


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