Write a letter to your friend condoling the death of his Mother

Examination Hall,

City A. B. C

Dec 16, 2017

Dear Friend,


I was shocked to hear the sad news of your mother’s untimely death. i cannot express my feelings of sorrow and grief on this sad occasion. I had a special attachment with her. She loved me as her own son. Whenever, I remember her love and affection, tears begin to Spring out from my eyes spontaneously. She was the model of piety, sagacity and wisdom. Indeed, it is an unbearable loss.

You and your younger brothers and sisters have lost a sincere and affectionate mother. Your father has also lost a faithful and true life-partner. May God rest her soul in peace! I am with you in this time of trial.

Please convey my sympathies to all of your family members.

Yours sincerely,


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