Write a Letter to your Brother advising him to take steps to improve his Health

Examination Hall,

City A. B. c

Jan 18, 2017

Dear Brother,


lt is a matter of great concern for me that you have lost your weight by five pounds during the last one month. It appears that there is something wrong with your diet. It is not a good sign of good health. You must be conscious of your health and diet. One of your friends has told me that you study till late night and get up early in the morning. Further, you have given up your routine of regular exercise early in the morning. As a result, you have become dull and lazy.

It is not right to burn the midnight oil and be a book worm. You must take care of your balance diet and do regular exercise. It is better to join a gym.

Hoping that you will pay heed to my advice and do your utmost effort to improve your Health.


Yours affectionately,


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