What is Translocation in Biology

What is Translocation


The transport of carbohydrates, mostly in the form of sugar (sucrose), from leaves to all parts of plant is called translocation.


Note: On the correspondence form more often people are trained who combine study with work. Distance learning is divided into phases. In the first phase, the knowledge base, the teaching literature and its study (installation session, the second one – the verification of the acquired material (test-examination session) are obtained, while these phases divide the time interval from several months to a year. In principle, it is convenient, However, if the student is employed in parallel with the training, it must be borne in mind that during the session it will be difficult to work. According to the law, a student who works and studies must be released by the employer for the duration of the session. I received a certificate sent from the institution. It has clear deadlines for how the student will study, but again not every employer is ready to release a subordinate for almost a month in the summer and for a period of 10 days in winter, which does not even count with usual leave. So, the student learns longer, but the university also visits much less often, namely, during the installation session and during the examination period. In the first case, teachers lecture, provide a plan – summaries, give topics of coursework, abstracts and approximate questions for the exam, and also produce a thorough preparation of the student for the upcoming session.

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