What is Nutrition in Plants

Nutrition in Plants


Classification On The Basis Of Mode Of Nutrition


Plants can be divided into two groups on the basis of their mode of nutrition.




  1. Autotrophic Nutrition



Autotrophic nutrition is the type of nutrition in which organic compounds are manufactured from available inorganic raw material taking from sun’oundings”.ln autotrophic nutrition, the nutrients do not require to be pretreated or digested before taking them into their cells.


Two Methods of Autotrophic Nutrition


On the basis of source ofenergy, autotrophic nutrition can be sub-divided into following sub-types.


(l) Phototrophic Nutrition

(II) Chemotrophic Nutrition


  1. Phototrophic Nutrition



The type of autotrophic nutrition is which organic molecules are manufactured from simple inorganic molecules by using light energy as a source is called Phototrophic Nutrition.



  1. Green Plants
  2. Photosynthetic Bacteria

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