What is Motion in Physics

Motion in Physics


When a body changes its position with respect to its surrounding so the body is said to be in the state of motion

Note: In the end, changes occur in all elements of the educational system, and the basis of the content of the educational process is not the logic of science, but professional tasks. These changes are quite natural, because the main criterion in obtaining an education is the criterion of finding exactly those knowledge that meet the future professional activity and can help in solving specific professional problems. Distance learning allows you to change the principle of the submission of material. Teaching is not limited to one discipline, but it is also possible to form integrated programs that allow a more competent specialist to be trained. However, this does not mean that fundamental knowledge is not available in distance education. They remain, but are given differently, namely: knowledge is given in view of actual needs and problems arising during work. In the first place are universal (methodological) knowledge, allowing to design and predict.

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