What is Hibernation in Frog

What is Hibernation in Frog


Frog burry itself into the mud in winter season and remain inactive there for a longer period. This process is called hibernation


Note: How is correspondence education conducted in a higher educational institution? In most universities, the educational process is not much different. During the year, students have two or three sessions lasting several weeks, and all the rest of the time they perform control and coursework, prepare for practical classes and exams, and subsequently write and defend diplomas. It is impossible to master all the training courses physically, therefore, students who receive higher education should be able to make a qualitative summary, where the main points will be presented in the thesis form. We get practical material for the theses. The problem of all graduates of universities is to fill their diploma papers with practical research. Large companies are reluctant to show their internal documentation and share official information with outsiders without departing from their principles, even in the name of science. And if in some cases, it is possible to consult the head of the organization or the head of the department, then no one will be able to introduce new computer programs. Students in the correspondence department are much easier to access documents and software in the company where they work, and present the results of their research in the degree project.

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