What is Analogy in Biology

What is Analogy


The organs that are similar in function but different in basic structure are called homologous organs.


Note: Modern realities are such that specialists in all spheres of human activity are becoming more and more popular, capable of performing somewhat larger functions than those envisaged by standard job descriptions for a particular specialty. Agree, the human resources specialist, having the diplomas of a lawyer and a psychologist, will be much more effective in performing his duties than his colleague who has only a law degree. Such an employee can simultaneously perform duties and a specialist in work with personnel, whose position has become more and more in demand in recent years, especially in large campaigns. Many employers strive to ensure that the staff of the enterprise consisted of those specialists who are able to perform work in related specialties in addition to the main work. In recent years, it has become quite prestigious and widespread to receive a second higher education. Still not having a diploma on higher education, or, conversely, a few years after graduating from a higher education institution, a person again reaches for knowledge in his desire to master a new profession.

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