What do you Mean by Nutrition

What do you Mean by Nutrition


The process by which organism obtains food and energy is called nutrition. And the substances needed by organism to obtain energy are called nutrients. They are:


  1. i) Carbohydrates


  1. ii) Protein


iii) Fats, Oil


  1. iv) Vitamins


  1. v) Minerals


  1. vi) Water


Note: The term of the bachelor’s training is calculated for four years, but the student receives a full-fledged education of higher education. There are no black marks in the form of “incomplete higher”, “incomplete higher” here. Upon graduation, a graduate who has chosen this system will receive a diploma of higher education and a qualification or a bachelor’s degree (depending on the specialization and educational institution). Thus, having studied at a university for one year is less than the usual five-year plan, you can safely go to find a job , and confidently declare to the employer that you have a VO and can even confirm your words with a corresponding crust. For those who wish to become holders of a master’s degree, the term of study will last two more years. During this period, there is a deeper and more thorough study of areas of science determined by the Ministry of Education. That is, training in magistracy is reasonable and logical for those students who plan to engage in scientific or teaching activities in the future.

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