What are Toadstools

What are Toadstools


Poisonous mushroom are also called toadstools. Amanita is a highly poisonous mushroom. A person can die by eating it cap only. It is therefore called death cap.


Note: Students who have problems with self-organization and strict adherence to the schedule, it will be extremely difficult to study. Despite the loyal attitude of most teachers, some of the students are screened out after the first year of schooling. Young men do not receive a respite from the army. Scholarships and benefits for public transport are issued only for full-time students. Some universities do not have dormitories in principle or are so filled that it is impossible to allocate places for correspondence students. Some employers prefer to hire those who studied at the full-time department, explaining this by a low level of knowledge of graduates who are part-time students. Unfortunately, there is some truth in this statement. It is very difficult to master the materials of the program of higher educational institutions independently, and the diploma can’t serve as a guarantee of quality.

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