What are the Symptoms of Malaria

What are the Symptoms of Malaria


  1. i) High fever (106°F.)

ii) Headache.

iii) High breathing.

iv) Heavy sweating.


Note: If you google, it turns out that the doctors. However, the study does not specify that these are doctors who spent on training, on average, twice as long as any other specialists. So, those who did not need and did not care, ran up before the diploma. In general, one can find information about each specialty that specialists are very demanded or very unclaimed – depending on who wrote this research, of course. And there is advertising , which every profession needs, each university and every company. If you weed out advertising articles, data on the topic will practically not remain on the Internet. In one, all the studies converge: from 50 to 60% of graduates do not work stably on the profile. There are a million reasons why this is so, but there is still no consensus. All influences: the beliefs of parents sending a child to the university violently, and the erroneous knowledge of the child, and hope for a chance, and the view that the main thing is “crust.”

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