What are the importance of Angiosperms

Importance of Angiosperms


  1. i) Many angiosperms are source of food e.g. wheat, rice, maize etc.


  1. ii) Many important constituents of our food are obtained from angiosperms e.g. canola, mustard, coconut etc.


iii) Sugar and Gur is obtained from sugarcane.


  1. iv) Many vegetables are obtained.


  1. v) Many fruits are obtained.


  1. vi) Many plants are used as fodder of animals.


vii) Many medicines are obtained and prepared from angiosperms.


viii) Timber is obtained from many angiosperms.


  1. ix) Angiosperms provide wood to prepare furniture and sports goods.


  1. x) Fiber for making ropes is obtained from angiosperms.


  1. xi) Large trees provide shelter and shade to animals and birds.


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