What are Methods of Demagnetization

Methods of Demagnetization


There are three methods for demagnetizing magnets.


  1. Hammering:

Magnets can be partially demagnetized by hammering them when they’ are painting in the east or west direction.


  1. Heating:

Magnets loose their magnetism when they are heated strongly.


  1. Electrical Method:


The most efficient method of demagnetizing a magnet is to use n alternating current. Take a solenoid and place it in the east west direction. Pass an alternating current (about 12 V) through it. Now, put the magnet in the solenoid from one end and pull it out from the other. While the current is still flowing. The magnet will loose its magnetism.


Alternating current reverses its direction at a rate of 100 times per second and hence causes the magnetism of the material to reverse the polarity at the same rate. Due to 54 this rapid reverse in the polarity, the magnet looses its magnetism


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