What are Heterocysts

What are Heterocysts


Heterocysts are specialized cells, which have the ability to fix nitrogen.


Note: It’s a good question. First I’ll start with full-time education. The advantages of full-time education: 1. cognition which students receive higher than the knowledge acquired in correspondence courses. 2. Full employment of a person. 3. More experience (abstracts, diplomas, coursework). There are more of them and you get experience when writing. Disadvantages: 1. pay more, Yu than on distance learning 2. it is hard to find work. when trained on full-time education. Now let’s move on to distance learning. The advantages of correspondence courses: 1. a one-year tuition fee is less than on-person less than 2. it is possible to get a job and work part-time 3.free time. The disadvantages of correspondence courses are: 1. you get less knowledge than on-the-home 2. not a lot of practice and not a lot of experience. But, it seems there, almost everything depends not only on the form of training, but also on the student himself. Someone fools around on the day, and someone does not get bad results in absentia. Employers need to understand personally, not revenge of all under one comb.

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