What are Enzymes in Biology

What are Enzymes


Enzymes are bio-catalyst which speed up the chemical reactions by lowering “Energy of activation”.


Energy of Activation

Amount of energy which is required to start a chemical reaction OR Energy required to break a (particular covalent) bond present in reactant.


Nomenclature of Enzymes

Enzyme is a Greek word means-En(in) and Zyme(yeast).


Discovery of Enzyme

Term “Enzyme” was coined by F.W Kuhne in 1978.


Nature of Enzyme


Almost all enzymes are protein in nature except few which are nitrogenous acids like RNA-DNA(Ribozymes). Ribozymes catalyze reactions in genetic informations.


Characteristics of Enzymes

1-Protein in nature and are formed by living cells.

2-May be intracellular or extra cellular.

3-Remains unchanged during and after the reaction. Speed up the rate of reaction by decreasing energy of action.

4-Specific in their nature.

5-Heat sensitive and act on particular (optimum) temp.

6-Each has specific substrate pH for its activity.

7-Action can be alter by activators and inhibitors.

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