What are Chordates and their Characteristics

Chordates and their Characteristics


The basic characteristics of chordates are:




It is rod like structure made up on semi-rigid body of cells. It is enclosed in the sheath of connective tissues. It is located dorsal to the alimentary canal and ventral to nervous system running for anterior to posterior end. Its major is to provide support and stiffens the body. It acts like skeletal axis. In most animals backbone is present instead of notochord.


Pharyngeal Pouches:


It is present in some stages of chordates. Pharyngeal pouches develop into gill slits in the adult animals that live in water and breath by gills. While in land animals they replaced by other organs e.g. inner part of ear.


Hollow Dorsal Nervous System:


In all chordates a hollow dorsal nervous system is present, whose anterior part enlarge into brain. Postanal tail is also present at some stages beyond anus.


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