What are Characteristics of Protozoa

Characteristics of Protozoa




They live in damp, watery places, moist soil and in decaying matter of animals and plants.




They are composed of only one cell. However they perform all the life activities e.g. intake of food, respiration and reproduction etc.


Mode of Life:


  1. i) Mostly they live singly.


  1. ii) Some times they form colonies.



Harmful Protozoa:


  1. i) Amoeba causes dysentery.


  1. ii) Plasmodium causes malaria.



Beneficial Protozoa:


Many protozoa are useful to man because they feed on harmful protozoa e.g. amoeba.



Shelled Protozoa:


Some protozoa live in sea. They have a calcium shell around them for protection. Hence they are called shelled protozoa.


Examples: – Their examples are amoeba, plasmodium and paramecium etc.


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