Village Life Essay in Simple English

Village Life Essay in English


There goes a famous saying that, “God made the country and then the city came”. This sums up the belief that even God resides in villages. Why? Because the villages and the countryside breathe the fresh air of Nature.

The villagers get fresh vegetables and nourishing diet. Village people are innocent and lead a simple life. They are not aware of the evil practices in towns and cities. A village is an embodiment of simplicity and sincerity.

There are lush-green fields, the groves of shady trees and beautiful landscapes in a village. People enjoy the sweet music of birds. The scenes of sun-rise and sun-set add charm (‫to village life. Life in a village is easier and cheaper.

But there are also some disadvantages of village life. The villages have no sufficient facilities of schools, colleges, roads and hospitals. They live in miserable conditions. But they face the hardships bravely and seldom complain. The life in a small village is worth-enjoying because it provides peace of mind to the dejected hearts.

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