What type of Energy is Released During Respiration

Type of Energy Released During Respiration


  1. i) Arrange the apparatus as show n in figure. (see fig from book)


  1. ii) Take pea seeds and soak them in water for 24 hours.


iii) Wash the seed with germicide (01% chlorine solution) to kill bacteria or fungi


  1. iv) Take some seeds and boil them for 10 minutes to kill the cell.


  1. v) After cooling them wash with germicide to protect them from rotting due to high temperature.


  1. vi) Put these two types of seeds in vacuum flask but not fill the flask up to mouth.


vii) Insert a thermometer in each flask and plug them with cotton wool.


viii) Now note the temperature and we will observe that temperature increases which shows that heat is released in the form of heat.


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