A True Muslim Essay in English for 10th Class

A True Muslim Essay in English


The follower of Islam is called Muslim. To be a Muslim is a great blessing of Allah. A Muslim who sincerely acts upon all the teachings of Islam is called a true Muslim. A true Muslim has firm belief in the oneness of Allah and His revelations.

He is aware of this fact that God knows his every action either hidden or open. He leads a simple and pure life. He avoids evil actions. He believes in the day of judgement. He prepares for the life hereafter. He says his prayers regularly. He observes fasts in the month of Ramazan. He pays Zakat and other Islmic taxes. If he affords, he performs Hajj.

A true Muslim is a responsible citizen of Islamic society. He does not harm the other members of his society with his hands or tongue. He gives alms to the needy and the helpless. A true Muslim seeks knowledge. He is clean in habits and pure in thoughts. He does not deceive anybody. He treats every person with kindness and love. He is enemy of the evil.

He fights for the cause of Islam. In fact, a true Muslim is far better than an angel.

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