What is Third Equation of Motion

Third Equation of Motion


According to the definition of the acceleration “the rate of change of velocity is called acceleration”.


Acceleration = Change of Velocity/Time


=> a = (Vf – Vi)/t


=> a= Vf – Vi




t = (Vf – Vi)/a ——–(i)


Substituting the average velocity


Vav = (Vi + Vf)/ 2 ————–(ii)


We know that:


Vav = S/t


S = Vav * t


Putting the value of Vav from equation (ii) and value of t from eq (i):


S = [(Vi + Vf)/2] * [(Vf-Vi)/a]


S = Vi2 – Vf2/2a since {(a+b) (a-b) = a2 – b2}



2as = Vf2 – Vi2


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