What is the Theme of the Story Thank you Ma’am

Theme of the Story Thank you Ma’am


Punishment is not the end of all the wrongdoings. It is better to reform someone through the power of character instead of scolding and punishing.


Mrs. Jones overlooks Roger’s faults and instead offers him the kindness and gentleness that a mother would offer her own son. She gives him forgiveness and understanding along with food and shelter. This kind behavior reforms Roger.

Note: Each owner of the company wants his employees not only to work hard at work for one hundred percent, but also do it as efficiently as possible. At the same time, many people forget that training a specialist for new knowledge and skills is in many ways the task of the manager himself, and not only of the subordinate himself. Therefore, before you refuse to receive another proposal for training or a training course, you should think very carefully. Moreover, money invested wisely in the formation of subordinates is likely to be returned with interest. At the same time, Internet training is becoming increasingly popular now, allowing you to get new knowledge and skills without leaving your office or home. And this method has a number of advantages. In a number of cases, due to the use of multimedia (photo, video, audio) and techniques that make such training more interesting, it is possible to improve the assimilation of the submitted materials. Fourthly, people with disabilities, such as people with disabilities or those who are forced to stay at home for a long time, can attend the courses.

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