What is the Theme of the Short Story Button Button

Theme of the Short Story Button Button


Ans. This tragic story highlights the theme of weakness of human character in the face of worldly desires and temptation Norma’s flaw is that she considers the button device as a source of taking trip to Europe, a chance to buy a cottage on the Island and an opportunity to have a nicer apartment, nicer furniture, nicer clothes, a car etc.


The moral behind this story is also that man must be grateful to God for whatever He has bestowed him in both prosperity and adversity. It is matter of fact that when man is satisfied he becomes unbeliever and prays to God only when he is in trouble. Moreover man must not run after the temporary worldly desires and ambitions which are nothing as compared to the blessing of the world hereafter.

In this story, Norma does not mind causing death of unknown person, in order to become prosper. Though she gets her desire fulfilled, but she had to wear a golden sorrow. Before this tragic event and the offer made by Steward she has known no modesty. It is better to be lowly born and be humble rather than perked by a glistening grief as it is remarked by Shakespeare:-


It is better to be lowly born,

And range with humble livers content,

Than to be perked up in a glistening grief,

And wear a golden sorrow

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