Television Essay in English

Television Essay in Simple English

Television is one of the wonderful inventions of Science. It provides the cheapest entertainment for the whole family. It enables us to watch things happening at a remote place. Many different programmes are presented on T.V. daily.

They include films, songs, plays and debates. Now a days people like to watch colour televisions. T.V. is a source of knowledge and information. National programmes provide us a lot of information about current affairs.

Moreover T.V. is a useful source for distant learning. Thousands of students who are unable to attend the schools, colleges and universities can be educated through T.V. programmes. Small screen of T.V. has become so popular that people have stopped going to cinemas. Many quiz programmes are telecasted on T.V. and they continue for the whole year.

We can learn much about the history and culture of our country through T.V. But there are certain abuses of T.V. School going children spend most of their time in watching T.V. They do not pay attention to their studies. They should not watch T.V. for a long time as it is harmful for eye-sight.


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