Subak Raftar Train Fares/Ticket Price, Timing & Booking From Lahore

Subak Raftar Fares/Train Ticket Price, Timing & Booking

Guts pk have an aim to share the maximum information for our readers and the citizen of Pakistan, so that they can travel easily within the Pakistan from one region or area to another. Today we are going to share with you the ticket prices, booking as well as the Fares of Subak Raftar Train Ticket Price along with Departure and Arrival Timings.

By this information, you can manage your time and decide which train is suit to your time and budget. We have tried to share with you the latest and updated information. If you will found any information which is not updated in our site than please inform us via our contact us page. Just submit the pages and updated information via our contact us page, we will try to update within few hours about Subak Raftar Fares/Train Ticket Price.

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Anyways, lets take a look on Subak Raftar Fares/Train Ticket Price

Subak Raftar Fares/Train Ticket Price


Train Station Name
Arrival Time
Departure Time
Fares (Economy)
Fares (AC Sleeper)
Fares (AC Lower)
Fares (AC Business)
Lahore Junction
7:00 AM
7:59 AM
8:01 AM
Rs. 130
Rs. 300
Rs. 310
Wazirabad Junction
8:26 AM
8:28 AM
Rs. 160
Rs. 300
Rs. 310
8:44 AM
8:46 AM
Rs. 200
Rs. 410
Rs. 500
Lalamusa Junction
9:10 AM
9:12 AM
Rs. 210
Rs. 410
Rs. 500
9:43 AM
9:45 AM
Rs. 290
Rs. 510
Rs. 570
Gujar Khan
10:53 AM
10:55 AM
Rs. 300
Rs. 670
Rs. 710
11:45 AM
11:55 AM
Rs. 390
Rs. 720
Rs. 840
12:20 PM
Rs. 390
Rs. 720
Rs. 840

If for some reason it was not possible to deal with the machine gun, do not rush to panic – there is always a duty officer at the station who can help you. In an extreme case, it makes sense to seek help from any of the passengers. Discounts. European trains have a wide discount system. Most often they are provided to tourist groups, pensioners, people with disabilities and their attendants, families with children, students and young people under 26 years old. In addition, in every country there are both internal Passes and international ones. Thanks to them, you can visit new places and at the same time pay several times less. Sorry, international maps Europe Rail Passes, by which you can travel all over Europe, are not valid for Russian citizens. The only option is to purchase local regional cards, such as the Bahn Card in Germany or the Renfe Card in Spain. The principle of their operation is simple: once you issue a card, you save on buying tickets and get a discount for a year, its percentage depends on the type of card. The main thing that you should pay attention to when using the card is its validity period. If after activating the card you no longer want to use it, you need to cancel the card in advance (more than a month) and notify the relevant company in writing. Otherwise, the money will be automatically debited from your account and you will not have any right to return it.

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