Multan Express Train Fares / Ticket Price Timing & Booking From Lahore

Multan Express Train Fares / Ticket Price Timing & Booking

Guts pk have an aim to share the maximum information for our readers and the citizen of Pakistan, so that they can travel easily within the Pakistan from one region or area to another. Today we are going to share with you the ticket prices, booking as well as the Fares of Multan Express Train or Ticket Price along with Departure and Arrival Timings.

By this information, you can manage your time and decide which train is suit to your time and budget. We have tried to share with you the latest and updated information. If you will found any information which is not updated in our site than please inform us via our contact us page. Just submit the pages and updated information via our contact us page, we will try to update within few hours about Multan Express Train Fares or Ticket Price.

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Anyways, lets take a look on Multan Express Train Fares or Ticket Price

Multan Express Fares or Ticket Price

Train Station Name
Arrival Time
Departure Time
Fares (Economy)
Fares (AC Sleeper)
Fares (AC Lower)
Fares (AC Business)
Lahore Junction
11:45 PM
Kot Lakhpat
12:05 AM
12:07 AM
Rs. 80
Rs. 270
Rs. 350
Raiwind Junction
12:31 AM
12:33 AM
Rs. 80
Rs. 270
Rs. 350
Khanewal Junction
3:38 AM
3:40 AM
Rs. 370
Rs. 600
Rs. 740
Multan Cantt
4:35 AM
Rs. 440
Rs. 700
Rs. 860

You can leave earlier. If there is room for an earlier train on your route , you will be put on it without any additional charges. Well , if you , on the contrary , were late for the train , within 12 hours you can take the next one , paying only the cost of a reserved seat.

And of course , if there was a train delay , or it was canceled at all , the full cost of the ticket will be returned to you , regardless of the time of return.

And remember, sometimes traveling by train is not only cheaper , but also more convenient , than by plane. Traveling by train is first and foremost a romance: sitting in a compartment, watch landscapes passing by, drink tea from company glasses and buy souvenirs at bus stops. From a practical point of view, traveling by train is not only longer than by plane, but often more expensive.

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