Pak Business Express Fares Ticket Price Timing & Booking From Karachi Cantt

Pak Business Express Fares Ticket Price, Timing & Booking

Guts pk have an aim to share the maximum information for our readers and the citizen of Pakistan, so that they can travel easily within the Pakistan from one region or area to another. Today we are going to share with you the ticket prices, booking as well as the Fares of Pak Business Express Fares or Ticket Price along with Departure and Arrival Timings / Pakistan Railway business class Ticket price.

By this information, you can manage your time and decide which train is suit to your time and budget. We have tried to share with you the latest and updated information Pakistan Railway business class Ticket price. If you will found any information which is not updated in our site than please inform us via our contact us page Pakistan Railway business class Ticket price. Just submit the pages and updated information via our contact us page, we will try to update within few hours about Pak Business Express Fares or Ticket Price. One last thing which we want to mention that as per worldwide situation, fares are increasing day by day, even we noticed change in fares on monthly basis due to panademic situation due to COVID-19. So, if you face any ups & downs in provided fare than please accept our apologize on it Pakistan Railway business class Ticket price.

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Anyways, lets take a look on Pak Business Express Fares or Ticket Price

Pak Business Express Fares or Ticket Price


Train Station Name
Arrival Time
Departure Time
Fares (Economy)
Fares (AC Sleeper)
Fares (AC Lower)
Fares (AC Business)
Karachi Cantt
4:00 PM
Hyderabad Junction
6:05 PM
6:10 PM
Rs. 380
Rs. 630
Rs. 860
Nawabshah Junction
7:23 PM
7:25 PM
Rs. 530
Rs. 880
Rs. 1,360
Rohri Junction
10:00 PM
10:20 PM
Rs. 660
Rs. 1,280
Rs. 1,830
Rahim Yar Khan
12:31 AM
12:33 AM
Rs. 950
Rs. 1,920
Rs. 2,660
3:05 AM
3:07 AM
Rs. 1,120
Rs. 2,360
Rs. 3,250
Khanewal Junction
4:35 AM
4:55 AM
Rs. 1,310
Rs. 2,720
Rs. 3,670
6:34 AM
6:36 AM
Rs. 1,440
Rs. 2,970
Rs. 3,960
Raiwind Junction
8:18 AM
8:20 AM
Rs. 1,500
Rs. 3,210
Rs. 4,610
Lahore Junction
9:15 AM
Rs. 1,550
Rs. 3,260
Rs. 4,660

Moreover, all trains are usually equipped with additional shelves for luggage and toilets, and many, like in the Netherlands or Austria, even have separate compartments for bicycles. Separately, it is worth noting night trains that run through the largest European cities (for example, from Bratislava to Paris via Vienna, Munich, Zurich, Amsterdam, Brussels). Traveling for them is more expensive, but for those who wants to wake up and have breakfast on the way, this is a real pleasure. Tickets for night trains should be purchased as early as possible, especially since they sell out quickly and closer to the day of departure, they noticeably increase in price. Do not get lost at the station. For those who first get to the station in any of the European cities, at first it can be difficult not to get confused. Especially during transfers when time is limited. Arriving at the station and familiarizing yourself with the timetable, you should be sure to print through the machine a detailed plan of the route, which will indicate the exact time of arrival of the train, the platform on which it arrives, and the one with which the next one leaves. As a rule, the time allotted for the transfer is also indicated so that the passenger can calculate how much it will take. If one train is late, the second, most likely, will wait for it – then the whole schedule is shifted in time.

Train Timings

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