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Lahore to Karachi Train Ticket Price Fares Timings 2022

Line Served have an aim to share the maximum information for our readers and the citizen of Pakistan, so that they can travel easily within the Pakistan from one region or area to another. Today we are going to share with you the ticket prices, booking as well as the Fares of Lahore to Karachi Train Ticket Price Fares / train ticket price lahore to karachi along with Departure and Arrival Timings.

By this information, you can manage your time and decide which train is suit to your time and budget. We have tried to share with you the latest and updated information. If you will found any information which is not updated in our site than please inform us via our contact us page. Just submit the pages and updated information via our contact us page, we will try to update within few hours about Lahore to Karachi Train Ticket Price Fares / train ticket price lahore to karachi.

We have also shard lot of other trains fares or ticket prices form different cities which you can also check for booking or traveling in any area of Pakistan without any hesitation. One last thing which we want to mention that as per worldwide situation, fares are increasing day by day, even we noticed change in fares on monthly basis due to pandemic situation due to COVID-19. So, if you face any ups & downs in provided fare train ticket price lahore to karachi than please accept our apologies on it. Please check the other train information including

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Anyways, lets take a look on Lahore to Karachi Train Ticket Price Fares

Lahore to Karachi Train Ticket Price Fares

Train Name
Departure Time
Fares (Economy)
Fares (AC Lower)
Fares (AC Sleeper)
Fares (AC Business)
Travel Duration
Green Line
08:35 PM
Rs. 5,730
16 hours
Khyber Mail
07:50 AM
Rs. 1,260
Rs. 3,000
Rs. 5,290
Rs. 3,890
22 hours
Awam Express
06:55 PM
Rs. 1,260
Rs. 3,000
24 hours
Allama Iqbal Express
12:00 PM
Rs. 1,260
20 hours
Karachi Express
05:00 PM
Rs. 1,650
Rs. 3,260
Rs. 5,820
Rs. 4,660
18 hours
Shalimar Express
06:00 AM
Rs. 1,530
Rs. 3,020
Rs. 3,470
19 hours
Karakoram Express
04:00 PM
Rs. 1,840
Rs. 5,200
18 hours
01:50 PM
Rs. 1,290
Rs. 3,130
Rs. 5,290
Rs. 4,070
20 hours
Pak Business Express
03:30 PM
Rs. 1,650
Rs. 3,260
Rs. 3,260
Rs. 4,660
17 hours

By standards, in air-conditioned cars equipped with air conditioning, the temperature should not fall below + 18C and exceed + 26C. In addition, now, when buying a ticket, you can see that the car is not equipped with air conditioning. You have a choice: either to refuse a trip, or buy a ticket for an air-conditioned carriage. After we introduced this feature, the number of complaints about the temperature regime fell hundreds of times.

– Do I need to pay a fine if I pulled the stop crane for no reason?

– Yes. But here you need to understand why a fine is charged. An emergency stop of a train is a risk of the train getting off the track and other potentially dangerous situations. In addition, the entire schedule runs.

Train Timings

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