Story on Moral Truth is Evergreen

Truth is Evergreen


Hazrat Sheikh Abdul Qadir Gillani (God be pleased with him) set off on a journey with caravan in his childhood? His pious mother stitched up forty gold coins in his shirt and advised him to speak the truth always.

When they entered the forest, a gang of robbers fell upon them and looted everyone. A robber searched Hazrat Abdul Gillani (God be pleased with him) thoroughly and found nothing.

The robber asked him whether he had something. Hazrat Abdul Qadir (God be pleased with-him) told him that he had forty gold coins stitched in his shirt. The robber took him to the leader of the gang. The leader asked him why he had not denied of having the money. The boy told the leader that his mother had advised him to speak the truth always.

The leader was greatly impressed by the innocent truthfulness of the young-boy. He gave up his bad deeds, returned everything to all the members of the caravan and became a good citizen.



Always speak the truth.

Truth is evergreen.

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