Story on Moral As you sow so shall you Reap

As you sow so shall you Reap


A tailor ran a shop in a certain bazaar. An elephant used to go to a pond for drinking water through this bazaar. The tailor was a good-natured man. He used to give him a bun daily.

In the course of time, they became good friends. One day, the tailor had a dispute with one of his customers. He was feeling cross. Meanwhile, the elephant came to receive the bun as usual. The tailor, instead of giving him a bun, pricked its trunk with a needle. The elephant became angry but silently went his way to drink.

On his return, he filled his trunk with muddy water and emptied it on all the fine and costly dresses hanging in the shop. All the dresses were badly spoiled with the spray of muddy water.

The tailor felt very sorry for what he had done with the elephant but he could not do anything because he knew “it is no use crying over spilt milk.”



As you sow, so shell you reap.

Look before you leap.

Tit for tat.

It is no use crying over spilt milk.

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