Story on Moral Once a liar Always a Liar

Once a liar Always a Liar


Once there lived a shepherd in a Village. He used to bring sheep in the jungle to let them graze. One day, he thought of a strange joke.

He shouted “Wolf! Wolf!” The villagers ran to his help with their weapons. When they came near him, they found him laughing. They cursed him and went back.

After a few days, he repeated the same joke. People came to his help but there was no wolf again. They were very annoyed at him. They decided not to help him next time.

One day, a wolf did come there. The boy cried, Wolf! Wolf!” many times but nobody came to his help. The wolf killed him and many of his sheep. In this way, he received punishment for his silly joke.



  1. Never tell a lie.
  2. Once a liar, always a liar
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