Story having Moral Haste Makes Waste

Story on Moral Haste Makes Waste


A hunter had a beautiful hound whow always wen hunting with him. The faithful dog was a thick friend of the hunder’s only son who loved to play with the dog. The master also loved the hound for its friendship with his young son who was only ten years old. The master of the house had no one else in the house.

One day, the hunter went out hunting but forgot to take that hound with him. His son was still asleep in his bed. As hi reached the edge of the forest he found that he had forgotten to bring the hound with him.

He decided to go back and bring the hound. He came home but was afraid to see his hound all bloodstained standing at the gate. The hunter thought that the hound had killed his son. He whipped out his sword and killed the dog.

He quickly walked into the house and saw blood pools here and there. Just then he saw his son coming out of his room. The boy told his father how a wolf had come into the house and was about to kill him when the hound pounced upon it and tore it into pieces. The hunter began to cry at his haste in killing the faithful creature.



Haste Makes Waste

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