Story Based on Moral All that Glitters is not Gold

Story on Moral All that Glitters is not Gold


One hot summer day a stag went to a pool to drink water. The pool water was clear. It could see its reflection in the water. It felt proud of its beautiful horns. But when it saw the shadow of its thin legs it felt sad and hated them.

While it was still thinking of its ugly legs it heard the sound of the horse’s hoofs of a huntsman and the barking of hounds. It ran for its life as fast as its legs could carry it. In no time it left the hounds far behind.

Now it happened to pass through a a thick forest. As it rushed through, its horns got caught in the branches of trees and bushes. It struggled hard to free itself but all in vain. Meanwhile the hunter and his hounds can chasing it.

The hounds fell upon it and killed it. The legs it hated had carried it way from the hounds while the beautiful horns brought about its death.



All that glitters is not gold.

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