Sports and Games Essay in English for 10th Class

Sports and Games Essay


Sports and games play a significant role in the development of human personality. They are as important for human body as food grains and fresh water. They keep us active, healthy and smart. Games and sports are called co-curricular activities.

They are an important part of our school curricular. Pakistani students are very fond of sports and games. The facilities are, of course, inadequate at present. The situation is expected to improve in near future.

Games and sports create in us the sense of discipline. The captain of the team works like a General and the team has to obey the captain. All these things create sportsman spirit in the minds and souls of the players.

They learn to lead their life in a disciplined manner. Games and sports are a very good and useful source of recreation. They utililze the vacant time of the young generation. So their personality develops and they do not indulge in such activities like gambling and drinking.

Sports and games keep our body and soul healthy. A sound mind is always in a sound body. Health is Wealth. If one loses his health, he will not be able to carry out his duties efficiently. As a result, he will be left behind in the race of progress.

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