Something to Talk About Plot Summary

Something to Talk About Summary


The play is a delightful comedy. This is a satire on the mentality of aristocratic English class. Wolf a notorious burglar enters stealthily the house of Sydney‟s to take away their rich gifts of Christmas.


The whole family comes there and enjoys the presence of the burglar. They are very happy and treat the wolf like an old friend. It is the burglar who is surprised, not the family. This turning of the tables makes the story very amusing.


Wolf puts all their presents in a bag but leaves them, when Wolf is told about more precious gifts in a neighbouring house. The Sydney‟s save their gifts and enjoy the presence of Wolf.



Note: Real value you create: developed brains, accumulated knowledge and accumulated experience. Do everything to systematically pump these assets. It does not matter how you do it: studying at university, reading books, participating in thematic parties, working for an uncle or for yourself. If you are absolutely sure that you know how to pump all three assets without a classical education, how to stand on your feet (earn), while you are confident that your own motivation will be enough and that you know exactly what and how you are going – go for it. But do not hang in the clouds, remember that you are building your life and someone’s examples or advice should not be decisive in this. Realize all the risks and disadvantages of this approach. And yes, if you refuse from classical education, you still get a formal diploma, a lot of ponds, it is not difficult to do this without breaking the rest of the activity. “Crust” will not create you additional value, but still needed.

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