A Sindhi Woman Poem Stanza Explanation

A Sindhi Woman Poem Explanation


Barefoot through the bazaar,

And with the same undulant grace

As the cloth blown back from her face,

She glides with a stone jar

High on her head

And not a ripple in her tread.



Explanation :


In these verses, the poet draws a realistic sketch of a Sindhi woman, who is passing through the bazaar leading towards Karachi slums, in a harmonious and peaceful manner. Although the cloth, with which she has covered her face, is blown back from face but still she is walking gracefully with a stone jar on her head way and there is no wavering in her walk. In this stanza, the poet is paying tribute to a Sindhi woman, who has firm faith in hard work and holding the burden of life in the form of stone jar high on her head. She is confident that‟s why she has no repentance or despair regarding the tough time that her life has given her as Sophocles has remarked “Despair often breeds disease”.




Watching her cross erect Stones,

garbage, excrement, and crumbs Of glass

in the Karachi slums,

I, with my stoop, reflect…

They stand most straight

Who learn to walk beneath a weight


Explanation :


In this stanza, the poet observes that the way , the Sindhi woman holding the stone jar on her head, reflects as if her body is a cross. In other words, it appears to the poet as if the Sindhi woman is hanged on the cross by the cruel life but still she faces these troubles courageously and does not bow before brutal life. Even the garbage, filth and small pieces of glass in Karachi slums cannot stop her from her destination i.e she has no fear that her feet will be injured or spoiled despite barefooted. She is self-reliant and self-sufficient that‟s not does not bow before anyone or extend her hand to anyone to receive sympathies. In the last three verses, the poet with his bent back thinks that he could not learn to walk beneath the weight i.e. does not know how to shoulder the troubles of daily life and says that those who know how to remain steadfast in the face of troubles and miseries are great and triumphant.

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