A Short Note on Rhizopus

Short Note on Rhizopus


  1. i) It is common black bread mold.


  1. ii) It is found growing on bread, pickle, and other food materials.


iii) Its spores are found every where in the air.


  1. iv) Its mycelium consists of many tubular, non-septate hyphae.


  1. v) Hyphae wall contain chitin.


  1. vi) The cytoplasm contains many nuclei, vacuoles and fat molecules.


vii) In Rhizpous three types of hyphae are found:

  1. Stolons are the hyphae, which spread along the surface of substrate on which the fungus grows.
  2. Rhizoidal hyphae penetrate the substrate with the help of enzymes and absorb digested food materials.
  3. Sporangiophores are vertical hyphae which bears sporangia at the tips.


viii) A large number of spores are produced in each sporangium which are dispersed by wind. When spores found suitable conditions they start growing.


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