Short Note on Disorder of Nervous System

Note on Disorder of Nervous System




In this disorder some part of the brain is made inactive because of clotting of blood vessel in brain. The blocking of blood supply may be due to some viral toxins as in polio.




It is functional mental disorder. It is combination of anxiety, compulsion, obsession, phobia, depression etc.


Note: In any company there are jobs for which students without experience are required. They are ready to invest knowledge, teach in practice and develop. And finally, the characteristic is one of the most important references that a student receives, so it must be remembered that it is very important to approach it in writing, because sometimes the fate of a young person depends on this document. What does this company need? First of all, as it is prosaic, it is easier to teach than to retrain, that’s why the candidate of the “clean sheet” type will often cause less trouble than the one who has already gained some experience, and with it disproportionate ambitions, and which, most likely , does not consider the initial positions. Secondly, the company expects that a newcomer will work at a low position for at least a year, content with a small salary, which is compensated by training and obtaining the first professional skills. To the student for a note : the strategy of cooperation with you is laid down at the first interview, so it is important for you to understand them yourself. You can find out something by asking the right questions at an interview.

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