A Scene at the Railway Station Essay for 10 Class

A Scene at the Railway Station Essay


A railway station is a crowded and noisy place in a big city. The rail-tracks connect different towns and cities. The train is drawn by the heavy and powerful engine and it stops briefly for the passengers at railway stations.

Last Sunday, I went to a railway station to see off one of my friends. When we reached the station, it was over-crowded with people. I bought the ticket with great difficulty and we preceded to the platform. The platform was full of passengers.

There was a great hustle and bustle all around. Some people were sitting on benches while others were walking here and there. The children were more excited. They were looking at the colourful advertisements. There were many stalls of fruit, tea, books and magazines. The vendors were doing roaring business Soon the train arrived at the station.

People rushed to their compartments. Every person was trying to get into the bogie first. The train stopped for five minutes. Then the guard blew the whistle and also waved a green flag. The train started moving slowly. The station seemed to desert as before.

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