What is the Role of Small Intestine in the Digestion of Food Components

Role of Small Intestine in the Digestion

In small intestine Liver and Pancreas play an important role for digestion of food.

Role of Liver:


  1. i) Liver is reddish brown organ present just below the diaphragm (under ribs) on right side of body.


  1. ii) Bile contain salts which convert large fat molecules into small droplets. This process is called emulsification.


iii) Bile juice also contains bile pigments, which excreted out with faeces. The colour of faeces is due to these pigments.



Role of Pancreas:


  1. i) It is leaf life organ present below the stomach.


  1. ii) Pancreas produces a juice called pancreatic juice which contain three enzymes.
  2. Amylase acts on undigested starches of the food and converts them into maltose.
  3. Trypsin breaks down proteins into peptides.
  4. Lipase splits fat into fatty acids and glycerol.


iii) If any food still remain undigested enzymes secreted by glands of small intestine help to digest it.


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