What is the Relation of Biology with other Sciences

Relation of Biology with other Sciences



It deals with study of those laws of physics which are applicable on biological phenomena.




It is the study of chemicals found in living things.




The data collected from experiments and observations made on organisms is analyzed by various methods of statistics. This is called biometry.




It is the study of distribution of different species of living things found in different geographical region.




It deals with the study of organism from economic point of view.


Note: It is financially profitable, useful for future work and experience, practical knowledge, length of service, and professional relations. It is also important that distance learning costs much less than the day. And the minus of the correspondence form is insufficient quality of the received knowledge. After all, it’s quite difficult to learn the material yourself. It is much more effective when the teacher thoroughly explains, for example, such disciplines as physics or mathematics. In the case when the correspondence student can’t force himself to study independently, read textbooks, delve into the material, then such “study” can reach a maximum to the session. There is an opinion that it is much easier for students of correspondence courses to study, they say, the load is small and the training schedule can be made individually. As a result weak knowledge However, in reality everything is not so. After all, the desire to learn depends on the student himself.

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