Reference to the Context of The Rain by WH Davies

Reference to the Context of The Rain


I HEAR leaves drinking rain;

I hear rich leaves on top

Giving the poor beneath Drop after drop;

‘Tis a sweet noise to hear These green leaves drinking near.




These verses have been taken from the poem The Rain, written by W H Davies.




In this poem, the poet has portrayed the scenery of a rainy day. The rain beautifies the entire atmosphere and falls drop after drop on lush green leaves of the tree. But this romantic and natural scene is not to be enjoyed by the poor, who are shelter less , thus cannot admire and enjoy the beauty and music of rain. Rain appears as a hindrance in their daily routines and gives them a tough time as and they have no alternative except to suffer in the wet cold weather. To escape from the coming deluge, he seeks shelter under trees, which doesn’t serve as a perfect shelter. However, the scene of the sunshine after the rain symbolizes hope and happiness for poor.

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