Questions Answers of Hunger and Population Explosion by Anna Mckenzie

Hunger and Population Explosion Questions


Q. 1: What does hunger mean on large scale as viewed by the author?


Ans: Hunger does not mean missing one meal. It means never having enough to eat . after one meal there is no surety of another meal.



Q. 2: Describe some great famines of the past.


Ans : The Nile remained dry for seven years and the Egyptians had to face the famine. Likewise, China and England faced great famines and millions of people died in Russia because of famine in 1921. A worst famine of the century struck India in 1964-65.



Q. 3: How do famines occur?


Ans: Some of the causes of famines are over population, failure of crops, shortage of food and lack of rains. If the food available is not enough for the people to eat there may spread a famine. In such cases people starve to death.



Q. 4: What is the main reason for population increase today?


Ans : The main reason foe population increase is the difference between birth-rate and death-rate. The fatal diseases have been controlled. Due to this the death-rate has been reduced. As a result, the population is increasing rapidly..



5: What is meant by birth-rate and death-rate and how do they affect the population of a country?


Ans : Birth-rate means the number of births per 1000 population while death rate means the number of deaths per 1000 population.The main reason of population increase is the difference between birth-rate and death-rate.



6: What have public-health measures to do with increase in population?


Ans : Public health measures have controlled epidemics and fatal diseases. The discovery of the treatment of many diseases has decreased the death rate. When death rate decreases, population increases



7: Account for the high birth-rate in under-developed countries?


Ans : In underdeveloped countries , the birth rate is very high and most of such countries are over populated. These countries are unable to provide even basic facilities to their people. The basic reason of high birth rate is lack of education.



Q. 8: Why is birth rate not so high in the more advanced countries?


Ans:` The people of advanced countries are wise , intelligent, and educated. They are aware of the danger of over population. Therefore, the birth rate is not so high in these countries.



Q. 9: Give a brief account of the poor economic conditions prevailing in under-developed countries.


Ans : Poverty, illiteracy and diseases are the common factors in under-developed countries. Such countries have poor economy because they depend on the export of raw material. The have no factories, no proper communication, public health and education system.

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