Punjab University BA Subject List for Private Candidates

BA Subject List for Private Candidates / BA Part 1 Subjects List Punjab University

This is the complete list of BA (Bachelor of Arts) Private Candidates. You should have to choose 1 Optional and 2 Elective Subjects along with compulsory subjects. We have also mentioned the Marks of All Subjects with respect to Punjab Unuiveristy Pattern.

List of Compulsory, Elective and Optional subjects along with numbers is given below.

Compulsory Subjects:

English Language (200 marks)
Islamiyat/ Ethics (60 marks)
Pakistan Studies (40 marks)

Elective Subjects:

Arabic (Marks 200)
Applied Psychology (Marks 200)
Bengali (Marks 200)
Economics (Marks 200)
Education (Marks 200)
English Literature (Marks 200)
Fine Arts (Marks 200)
French (Marks 200)
Geography (Marks 200)
Geology (Marks 200)
German (Marks 200)
History (Marks 200)
Hindi (Marks 200)
Home Economics (Marks 200)
Health & Physical Education (Marks 200)
Islamic Studies (Marks 200)
Journalism (Marks 200)
Kashmiryat (Marks 200)
Library & Information Science (Marks 200)
Music (Marks 200)
Persian (Marks 200)
Philosophy (Marks 200)
Political Science (Marks 200)
Punjabi (Marks 200)
Russian (Marks 200)
Social Work (Marks 200)
Sociology (Marks 200)
Spanish (Marks 200)
Turkish (Marks 200)
Urdu (Marks 200)
Women Studies (Marks 200)


Optional Subjects :

Arabic (100 Marks)
Bengali (100 Marks)
Economics (100 Marks)
English Literature (100 Marks)
Fine Arts (100 Marks)
French (100 Marks)
General Studies (100 Marks)
Geography (100 Marks)
German (100 Marks)
History (100 Marks)
Home Economics (100 Marks)
Islamic Studies (100 Marks)
Italian (100 Marks)
Journalism (100 Marks)
Kashmiryat (100 Marks)
Library & Information Science (100 Marks)
Music (100 Marks)
Persian (100 Marks)
Philosophy (100 Marks)
Political Sciences (100 Marks)
Punjabi (100 Marks)
Russian (100 Marks)
Sindhi (100 Marks)
Sociology (100 Marks)
Spanish (100 Marks)
Social Work (100 Marks)
Urdu (100 Marks)


BA Marks Structure :

Compulsory Subjects : 300

Elective Subjects : 400

Optional Subjects : 100

Total : 800


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