A Poison Tree Stanza Explanation

A Poison Tree Explanation




Stanza: 1


In these lines the poet says that once he got angry with his friend. He expressed his anger to his friend and it came to an end. In the same way, he became angry with his enemy but he did not disclose his anger to him. As a result, anger of the poet went on increasing. This is but natural if a person gives vent to his emotions, he feels relaxed. If he does not disclose his anger or other emotions, they keep on growing which is not a good sign.


Stanza: 2


The poet says when he did not disclose his anger to his enemy; it went on increasing and become a plant. He developed a sort of fear. He Watered his plant with fright twice daily, i.e., in the morning‟ and in the evening. This water came from his eyes in the, form of tears out of anger and guiles. Both water and sun are necessary for the growth of tree. Water and sun helped him in growing his tree of wrath.


Stanza: 3


In these lines the poet tells u that as a result of his taking care of the tree it grew day and night very rapidly. One day it brought an attractive fruit in the form of an apple. His enemy observed that the fruit was shining and beautiful. He wanted to have it cunningly.


Stanza: 4


In the given lines, the poet expresses the outcome of the efforts made by him. He says since his enemy wanted to pluck the fruit of the tree cultivated by him, he entered his garden very secretly. It was night time and darkness had covered the poles or the whole universe. The enemy touched the apple and died at the spot in making efforts to pluck the fruit because it was poisonous from inside. In the morning the poet was very glad when he found that his enemy lying dead straight, under the tree, He was very cunningly deceived by his trick. The gist of the poem is that developing anger and hatred in itself are dangerous and harmful. One may injure one’s opponents by one‟s anger and scorn but developing them is not admirable.

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