Poem The Rain by William Henry Davies Explanation

Poem The Rain Explanation


Explanation:-In this stanza, the poet portrays the fresh serene and musical atmosphere created by rain. When it rains, the poet observes the tree leaves sipping /drinking rain water and giving a fascinating melody. The leaves after rain can be seen fresh and full of water. This natural music is sweet, pleasant and worth of listening. Despite its pleasantness, it is not fruitful or enjoyable for poor and the penniless. The poor man has no other choice or shelter except the tree. In this cold wet world, the sufferings of poor are as countless or limitless as the rain drops, which fall drop after drop. As Shakespeare remarked:-


When sorrows come, they,

Come not single spies,

But in battalions.


The greatest enemy to the man, who has to carry on his body his entire wardrobe, is rain. As long as the sun shines he is indifferent, but if he is caught in a wet condition after sunset, he is to be pitied. He does not fear any ill consequences to health from being wet; however, he does not like the uncomfortable sensation of shivering and not being able to keep warm. This unsettled feeling is often made worse by an empty stomach. In fact a full stomach is his one safeguard against the cold, and he cares not then, if the rain and the wind penetrate his clothes.



Stanza 2.


And when the Sun comes out,

After this Rain shall stop,

A wondrous Light will fill

Each dark, round drop;

I hope the Sun shines bright;

‘Twill be a lovely sight.




In these verses, the poet remarks that sunlight will brighten the whole atmosphere after the rain is stopped. The sun shines with full glamour and gives a new look to all the things. The other side of the gloomy picture is always bright. As every dark cloud has a silver lining and after rain there are always roses. Here in the verses, sunshine is the symbol and ray of hope for the poor in the dead, dark and cold world of uncountable suffering. The sufferings may stay a little longer, yet not forever. Human life is a pendulum between smiles and tears; he has to endure sufferings and dejection, without any excuse. The poet encourages the poor to keep up hope and happiness through the imagery of bright sunshine, which injects a new spirit and life in every creature. In this regard Henry Wardsworth Longfellow has beautifully remarked in his poem- An April Day :-


Be still, sad heart, and cease repining;

Behind the clouds the sun is shining;

Thy fate is the common fate of all,

Into each life some rain must fall,

Some days must be dark and dreary.

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